Unipet Japan

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Drive through car wash at UNIPET

Our car washing machine operates with ionic water. This environmentally friendly system does not require any detergent as ionic water simply melts oil and dirt away. You've never seen your car shine like this!

How to use

Insert coin, choose your car type, your car's condition and simply start the machine. You remain in your car and drive through when finished. Amazingly, it only takes 3 minutes!

1. Choose course.

2. Sit in your car.

3. Wash, then dry.

4. Drive away in your brand new looking car.

4 Great things about ionic car washing:

  1. A crystal clear glass finish.
  2. The more you wash, the more the car shines.
  3. The car becomes dirt proof.
  4. Finally and most importantly, ionic car washing is gentle for your car and the environment.