Unipet Japan

Forever expanding!! Planning total 66 petrol and solar stations!!

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Last Update: 2022-01-20

We are pleased to announce that GPR is now closing its cartain, and beginning the new chapter with a new company name "Universal Petroleum" aka "Unipet", starting this September 2015.

Environmental friendly as always, we are continuing to recycle appreciating nature's blessing and precious resources.


Our new company logo is inspired by a famous Japanese monk and Zen master, Sengai-san. He is known for his relaxed Zen Buddhist style and humorous illustrations which became widely popular.

unipet logo

We are expanding our petrol stationsbusiness in Okinawa, Kyushu (Kumamoto pref, Kagoshima pref and Oita pref), Setouchi (Yamaguchi pref, Okayama pref and Kagawa pref), and planning a large solar power station in Fukushima pref.


A romantic coincidence from my visit to Melbourne, Australia this winter, 2015. Lovely Shiraz "The Gaffer" from Mr Riggs in McLaren Vale, South Australia, has a matching Unipet pink in their package design.


April of 2019 Satsuma Chuo Station opened (Kagoshima Pref., the 35 Station)

September of 2019 Universal Petroleum Ltd. changed it’s name as Unipet Japan Ltd.

August of 2020 Chikuho Higashi Station renewal

Febuary of 2021 'Unipet Story' is published (Japanese Only)

Febuary of 2021 Ohzu Station renewal

August of 2021 Hirabaru Station renewal